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STEP 2: Choose your Beer/reorder

12 x 330mL cans (packaged as 2 x 6 packs)

Choose your beer from our range of Colab Brewing beers below.

Once you choose the beer type, select the Customise button to take you to the editing software

  • SAMPLE 6 PACK – Not Personalized only for tasting the flavors

    Sample Pack only – no custom labels – 6 Different beers to try

    $20.00 per 12 pack

  • US Lager

    Gold award winner at the 2023 beer awards

    A refreshing beer for the whole team.
    Not sure which beer to choose… choose me!

    $54.00 per 12 pack

  • American Pale Ale

    Bronze Medal Winner at the 2023 beer awards

    Crafted Pale Ale with lashings of American Hops. Craft lovers Dream.

    $59.00 per 12 pack

  • Kiwi Draught

    It’s an easy drinking not to crafty beer.   Older distinguished drinkers who were once seen at the 6o’clock tipple, brought up on your draughts and bitters – will love this beer

    $54.00 per 12 pack

  • Hazy NEIPA

    A nose full of tropical fruit straight out of the gate. This ‘new squeeze’ is not afraid to make itself known. The hazy nature lures you in with intrigue and leaves you with beautiful mouth feel and a palate full of tropical fruit and citrus. This Juicy really lives up to its name and blurs the lined of traditional beer. Get Juicy with your New Squeeze

    Just as extra Juicy but now more Hazy!!

    $59.00 per 12 pack

  • West Coast IPA

    Strawberry, berry Dank on a fine malt base. This one is easy drinking!  My favourite

    $59.00 per 12 pack

  • XPA – Extra Pale Ale

    Light like a lager but with more hops and fruit hops.  Great for someone who likes a light drink with a bit more taste to it!

    $56.00 per 12 pack

  • HopStorm IPA

    Citra, Zimba and Nectron join forces to create a storm of tropical fruits, smashed into this very drinkable IPA

    $59.00 per 12 pack