Can you send the cans to different people?2022-09-22T11:56:47+13:00

Yes, you can send a 12 pack to anyone you want.  At the check out you can add in addresses for each 12 pack and we will send them directly to these addresses.

Why do you need the white bits at the end of the label?2022-09-22T11:56:50+13:00

In one word “LAW” each can has standard information about the beer, alcohol percentages, location of brewing etc.  We have tried to include all of these at the back of the can so you can design the rest without concern.

How does the 12-pack come?2022-09-22T11:56:53+13:00

We have two x 6 pack boxes sent out.  You may want to keep one and give one away!  After tasting one beer, you will keep both and order some more.

Log back into your account and your label masterpiece will be waiting for you to re-order.

How long does it take to receive the beer?2022-09-22T11:56:56+13:00

Check each type of beer for Available, Brewing or Not Available at present.  

Available means that it is ready to order. We aim to compete within 10 working days.  It needs to be canned, labelled, and sent via courier to the address you want.  

Brewing we will give you an estimate of ready time (we sometimes can be a couple of days out). Once ready to drink – 10 working days and ready to be out the door.

If we are On Hold or Coming soon – we will not allow you to purchase this yet.  It means we are waiting for a fermenter to be available to brew the beer.  So, we cannot predict yet.  Or maybe a seasonal that will be back again sometime soon.

Can I order a mixed box of beers?2022-09-22T11:56:59+13:00

Yes, you can but each order has a minimum order of 12 cans.  However if you buy three different 12 packs we can mix up the 6 pack boxes with two of each if you want!

Find the comments field at ordering and tell us what you want! 

Can I design the can outside of your system?2024-04-04T10:07:24+13:00

Yes definitely you can. Just keep the design 160mm wide by 85mm high. Log into your account upload as a picture and slap it on the can. Try the 3D image, you see what your new can will look like. You need to purchase to taste the beer however!

Do I need to set up an account?2023-06-13T19:18:33+13:00

Only if you want to save the design after ordering, or are likely to re order. The account lets us save your masterpiece safely for you.