Kiwi Draught


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Pack of 12 – ABV: 4.0% Size: 330 ml

Say It With BeersKiwi Draught – Smooth Sips for Seasoned Sippers

Discover Kiwi Draught Beer – a smooth, sessionable brown ale brewed with NZ hops. Perfect for nostalgic sippers!

“Unwind like a true Kiwi legend with NZ Draught – the beer that turns every sip into a mini vacation!”

  • Legendary Hops: Infused with Warrier, Wai-ti, Kohatu, and Motueka hops for that authentic Kiwi kick.
  • Easy-Drinking: Smooth 4.0% ABV for a sessionable experience that won’t leave you tongue-tied.
  • Nostalgic Vibes: Ideal for those who cherish the good ol’ 6 o’clock tipple tradition.
  • No Crafty Stuff: Just straightforward, tasty brew for those who appreciate the classics.

“Kiwi Draught is not just a beer; it’s a journey back to simpler times when a good brew was all you needed. Crafted for Kiwis who know their hops and love their evenings easy, this brown ale delivers on flavor without the fuss. Perfect for cracking open with mates or enjoying a quiet moment of Kiwi solitude.”

“Our drinkers rave about NZ Draught:

  • ‘Reminds me of home!’
  • ‘Smoothest beer I’ve ever tasted!’
  • ‘Brings back memories of my dad’s favorite pub.'”

“Embrace the taste of tradition. Grab a pack of NZ Draught today and make every sip a Kiwi classic!”

12 in stock

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